Spirit of the People

HPS – 7375892-10
Project Sponsor:  Spirit of the People – Project HPS – 7375892-10 – CLOSED
NOV. 24, 2008 TO MARCH 31, 2009

Description: The program’s goal will involve having one full time worker who will work closely with the clients (male and female ex?offenders) with the view to accessing safe housing through the advocacy methods with individual landlords and other housing providers. In addition, the service will provide hands?on support per client to identify barriers on an individual basis and then working citywide to arrive at a safe practical solution.  The worker will also serve as a resource for local halfway houses for ex?offenders requiring housing placement assistance. It is hoped that this project will stabilize and support aboriginal ex?offenders in the community and also address the revolving door syndrome know as Recidivism between our people and the criminal justice system.