The Aboriginal Labour Force Development Circle (ALFDC) was incorporated on June 29, 1998 under the jurisdiction of Part II of the Canada Corporations Act. As such, it is considered to be a federal, not-for-profit corporation.

The Circle is comprised of First Nations communities, both on-reserve and in urban areas that come together for mutual support in the area of employment and training. These communities remain strong in their belief that by working together they can assist each other to achieve their goals for the future.

The ALFDC provides employment and training programs and services through six Local Delivery Mechanisms (LDMs) located throughout Ontario. These LDMs were established during the “Pathways to Success” federal Aboriginal Employment Training Strategy and as a result have developed considerable expertise in the delivery of employment and training programs and services to Aboriginal people over the past several years.

In addition, the ALFDC administers one Urban Aboriginal Homelessness Project for the city of Toronto. Funded under the HPS – Homelessness Partnering Strategy, this agreement funds projects that meet priorities set by the community involved allowing for more local control than is usually possible in a contractual agreement.

The ALFDC also funds child care for the 9 First Nations associated with the Local Delivery Mechanisms.