We receive the following types of funding for delivery of programs and services to the membership of the ALFDC.

Consolidated Revenue Funding – these funds are available to individuals who do not qualify for employment insurance.

Employment Insurance Funding – these funds are available to individuals who qualify for employment insurance.

In addition to the Labour Market funding, the ALFDC also receives funding for:

  • Youth
  • Summer Career Placement
  • Alter – Abled
  • Capacity Building
  • First Nation Childcare Initiative

Homelessness – The ALFDC administers one Urban Aboriginal Homelessness Project for the City of Toronto. Funded under the HPS – Homelessness Partnering Strategy, this agreement funds projects that meet priorities set by the community involved allowing for more local control than is usually possible in a contractual agreement.

Child Care – The ALFDC also funds child care for the 10 First Nations to further support their employment training endeavours.